What to Bring with You to Clown College ...


Each year this class is made up of both novice and experienced clowns. To ensure both groups get the maximum benefit benefits out of every class we’ve taken a lot of time to review and refine this year’s program.

Things you should know get before you get here:


1)  The hotel has limited food service and a bar.  Sunday breakfast will be available. There are a wide variety of other dining choices in the area.

2)  Some students come prepared to have lunch in their rooms with coolers of lunch supplies. 

3)  On Friday night we host a banquet with buffet dinner and entertainment.  Come join the Institute board and your fellow students to enjoy a good meal and have fun.

4)  The Institute offers a hospitality room on Friday and Saturday nights.  We provide snacks & soft drinks and a place to swap ideas and enjoy each other’s company.  Feel free to bring your favorite beverage with you.


What to bring with you

We have some advice for both novice and experienced clowns.  Take a look below at the one which applies to you.


For novice clowns:

There is no need to go out and start buying supplies unless you are certain about what type of clown you will be and know what you need.  We have arranged for Clown Supplies, one of our vendors, to have an introductory basic make up supplies kit available for you to purchase.  It will contain the basic make up colors, pencils, brushes and other supplies needed to get started.   We will post the cost and content on our website when we get closer to the institute weekend.


If you don’t have a costume we have vendors on hand so you can see some of the options available.


 We suggest you bring the following items with you to help you get the most out of the weekend:

1.  A make up mirror – there is no one style that works best.  Preferences range from a single mirror on a flexible stand to professional makeup artist mirrors.  Personally I prefer a rectangular, two sided mirror with lights.  It will cost around $35.

2.  A roll of paper towels (for cleaning your make up off)

3.  Wash clothes and hand towels for cleaning off your make up.  I prefer these to paper towels.

4.  Q tips – many clowns use these when applying their makeup.

5.  Baby oil or baby shampoo (for taking your make up off)

6.  A small bag to carry your supplies in

7.  Balloons if you’ve got them.  Many people fill their evenings learning new twisting techniques.  If you don’t have them don’t worry our vendors will have them available to purchase.

8.  Talk with experienced clowns to learn about the different methods for traveling with your clown supplies.  Joeys use everything from makeup cases to rolling tool boxes.  If you don’t know another clown please contact a member of the institute board for suggestions.


We’re encouraging everyone to bring their costume and make up this year.  Even if you aren’t going to compete you will have a chance to be critiqued.


For experienced clowns:

We know some of you are already experienced clowns making this is the perfect space to define your current character more fully or to even create a new one.  The institute is based on a four year program and we look forward to offering you opportunities to learn something new.  For you we suggest you bring the following items:

1.  Your complete make up kit

2.  Whatever make up makeup removal supplies you need

3.  Mirror

4.  Balloon twisting supplies